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Cast, Oil on Linen, 14_ x 18__edited
Quiet Revolution, Oil on Linen, 5ft x 6f
Sol, Oil and Charcoal on Board, 122 x 14
Selfie Series - Close up 1
water lily crop



Tregoning's work is a response to the intimacies of her life - the emotional connection to those closest to her. 

Her focused eye, keenly observing and beautifully articulating her subjects,initially in the form of drawings - fluid, lyrical lines eloquently describing moments or gestures. It is this process of visually gathering 'moments' that informs her work and it is these drawings that are the scaffolding upon which she builds her images. 

There is a fine balance of robust structure and sensitive, painterly figuration in the work. 
She allows the physicality of

paint to play its part, as it slips and slides across the surface - loaded on and wiped off until an image becomes anchored to its illusionary form. This is work that speaks of universal truths and of what it is to be emotionally connected.

Lisa Wright, June 2013.


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